A Final Challenge At The Farnsworth

The color theory class I taught at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland wrapped up a couple weeks ago. As a final challenge participants had to select a painting and reproduce it in all its painterly-ness using only Color Aid paper. During our seven weeks together we accumulated experience observing and articulating the color effects of simultaneous contrast, quantity, vibration, and transparency -- and then this experience was put to the test. Reproducing paint with paper is a meticulous process and demands a discerning eye to precisely identify spots of color and their relationships. Here are some shots of the reproduction process:

Fifteen years ago I completed my first course in color theory with the same challenge. I chose David Park's Four Men and spent a good twelve hours on my final piece -- despite editing my composition down and only including three men. Holy carpel tunnel from cutting tiny pieces of paper with an Xacto knife!