Artist Talk @ Courthouse Gallery Fine Art

Many thanks to all those who attended my artist talk at Courthouse two weeks ago! Were there 30 of us there? Maybe more? I was thrilled with the one-on-one conversations that followed about swimming, landscape painting, the body's fascial system, the science of aesthetics, and somatic-psychology. Wow! You were willing to engage with a less-than-conventional artist talk and some really exciting ideas and experiences -- well, I guess calling them exciting might be my bias! But I am excited. I'm excited about the intersection of visual culture and kinesthetic intelligence and imagination that I'm exploring. Thanks for diving in with me!

If you couldn't make the talk please enjoy the Youtube video of it to the right! Unfortunately the gallery had a short in their mic and so the audio is static-y at times. The transcript of my talk is available here -- I've highlighted the static-y areas in red so that you can still read what you might not hear.

Also, the great thing about the transcript is that I've embedded links to all the artists, books, ideas, and science that I reference. Enjoy!