Tuesday 207: Run Before The Wind

Run Before The Wind /

4" x 4" / 2016

Now available through Glesason Fine Art

Jonathan writes about sailing with his dad, Bobby Ives: This painting is from a day that Jessica and I went sailing with my dad and his wife Phyllis on the 26 foot Pierson they keep in Pemaquid Harbor. We sailed around John's Bay and anchored off the northern side of Thrumcap Island, where the thread of life ledges blocked the winds and waves so we could eat a picnic. As we ate, I was distracted by the white caps that were building and recommended we get going. Jess is new to sailing and feels nervous when the boat really lists over. By the time we weighed anchor the winds and waves, which were from the southwest, had built up and it was a bit hairy running with the wind back into the harbor. Steering a straight course with a large following sea takes serious concentration to prevent an accidental jib. The mainsail would luff from time to time and we all waited for the boom to swing across, like a batter swinging for the ball.


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