Water Warmer Than The Air -- a small painting sale exclusive to the blog!

I want to start the year off with a double dose of goodness so I'm offering a second small painting for sale this week. This painting isn't of Maine (did the bikini give it away?) but will still be available for the special price of $207 through Saturday at midnight. 

Last month I had the opportunity to return to Costa Rica for work. A friend and I created a portfolio of images and a video for my uncle's vacation rental listing. I'll share more information about the rental in a future post when I have more beach and surf paintings to show because, yes, alongside the hired camera work I took plenty of photos for painting in the studio back home. Making swimmer and surfer paintings has become one of my winter survival tools. The imagination is strong medicine. Second-hand Vitamin D is almost real. 

On the night before our flight back to Maine we spent every second of sunset playing in the surf at Playa Negra. It was Christmas Eve, and it was the most unusual experience of Christmas I've ever had. I think I understood the incarnation for the first time. I played and splashed and floated, surrounded by infinite bodies of air and water that were so...continuous, so infinite, and so close to my own temperature that I had moments of forgetting myself. And so it was, that in my moments of remembering, I was all the more aware of being miraculously, powerfully, and gracefully within my finite body.