Sale Begins Today at 10am EST!

Jonathan and I are moving to Bend, Oregon and I simply can’t take my paintings with me! It would be a pity to store them while we’re away and so I’m hosting an online sale to help find them good homes. All paintings will be half-off for one week only. Half-off?! That’s right. I’ve had a remarkable summer season and with a heart full of gratitude this sale is a personal act of thanksgiving, a way to connect the work with a broader audience, and a “Week of Color” to counteract the madness of Black Friday.

The sale will start at 10 a.m. EST on Tuesday, November 10th and will end at 9:59 a.m. EST on Tuesday November 17th. I’ll post a reminder on Monday the 9th, but mark your calendars just the same!

Bend, Oregon is a town known to recreational and professional athletes the world over, i.e. the type of folks I like to paint! While we’re there, we plan to study the human body and its capacity for movement at the Sage School with a focus on Clinical and Sports Massage. It’s no secret that Jonathan and I enjoy our active lifestyle, and that my painting has developed in direct correlation with the increased freedom I (and we) have experienced in our living, moving, and being. We’re ready to learn more about the human body, health, wellness, and movement. Yes, of course I will continue to paint! There will be new sources of inspiration to explore out west and there are already exciting events planned for 2016 here, back east. Stay tuned!