Thank you!


What a fantastic turn out at the opening of my two-person show with Thomas McDonald during Bend's First Friday Art Walk! Hands-down it was the most enthusiastic and energetic art event I've had the pleasure of attending! Many thanks to Ken Roth of Peterson Roth Gallery and to all the art lovers in Bend!

While out west, Jonathan and I also made time to fish and explore in both new locations (Upper Owens River in the Eastern Sierras, below right) and old favorites (Steelhead Falls on the Deschutes River, below left).


Now Showing In Bend!

I'm pleased to announce that my paintings will now be represented by Peterson Roth Gallery in Bend, Oregon! I'm simply thrilled to be joining Ken Roth and all the artists at Bend's foremost contemporary art gallery. Just last week I shipped five new paintings west (go west, young paintings!) and these five will be joined by another dozen for the two-person show I'll have there in April with Thomas McDonald. Visit Peterson Roth in person or on the web to find out more. I've also added a page here on my site so you can quickly preview their current inventory.


Main Sunday Telegram Cover Feature!

I am so grateful to Bob Keyes of the Portland Press Herald for his story on my work and upcoming solo show at Courthouse Gallery Fine Art. It is always my great pleasure to be interviewed by Bob. For the second time now, his writing about my work has helped me to see elements in it that I had overlooked, connections that are there but that I needed a little nudge to consider.

You can read the article online here.

In these oil-on-panel paintings, Ives shows bodies in the water, swimming, jumping and playing. She paints from the perspective of the water’s surface, below the surface and looking down from above. These are masterful works because of her handling of bodies in motion and the fluidity of the water. We see bone structures and muscles that feel sculptural, water bubbles exploding from a swimmer’s plunge and the sun playing tricks on the rippling surface.
— Bob Keyes

Interiors exhibit at Waterfall Arts

I'm pleased to announce that artist and curator Abbie Read has selected three of my window paintings to be included in an exhibition at the Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine. I'm especially excited to show Looking Out, which hung in the offices of the US Ambassador to The Gambia through the Art In Embassies program. Please join me for the opening reception on July 28th and the artist panel on August 16th!

July 28 – September 15
Opening Reception: Friday July 28, 5 - 8 pm
Artist Panel: Wednesday August 16, 7pm


INTERIORS focuses on representations of domestic spaces.  Place and Belonging is the 2017 exhibition theme of Waterfall Arts. A curated collection of works by local well-known artists, this exhibition directs the gaze inward. The owner’s presence is clearly felt, but the human form is not the central idea; the work shows the interior spaces we occupy, rather than us in them.

Artists include: Alison Rector, Louise Bourne, Gideon Bok, Kris Engman, Sarah Szwajkos, David Estey, Jessica Ives, and Heath Paley. 

Looking Out , 36 x 36 inch oil on canvas, 2006

Looking Out, 36 x 36 inch oil on canvas, 2006

Timbercliff Tabletop II , 8.5 x 11 inch gouache on mylar, 2007

Timbercliff Tabletop II, 8.5 x 11 inch gouache on mylar, 2007

Timbercliff Tabletop III , 8.5 x 11 inch gouache on mylar, 2007

Timbercliff Tabletop III, 8.5 x 11 inch gouache on mylar, 2007

How One Woman Overcame Her Fear Of The Ocean And Learned To Surf

Back in 2010 I wrote a piece about winter surfing at Higgins Beach for The Maine. Earlier in September the Bangor Daily News republished it in their Outdoor section.  You can enjoy it here -- and come January when I've returned to the coast of Maine, I'll be teaming up with BDN to bring you more writing. Stay tuned!

Opening Of Fire & Water This Friday!


Courthouse Gallery Fine Art invites you to our spring reception

Friday, May 27, 5-7pm


Janice Anthony and Jessica Ives

Courthouse Gallery brings together two artists who approach human interaction with nature in much the same manner despite their dramatically different imagery. Anthony juxtaposes formal English gardens with raging wildfires, threatening our perceived ability to control nature, while Ives explores an active human experience of being immersed in water—wading, splashing, floating, making ripples—relishing the coolness and becoming one with nature.

Spring reception Friday, May 27 from 5–7pm
Courthouse Gallery Fine Art
6 Court Street, Ellsworth, Maine
207 667 6611

Artists talk with Jessica Ives
Friday, May 27 at 4pm 

Jessica Ives will speak about kinesthetic intelligence and imagination, mirror neurons firing in the brain, and the healing properties of water. She'll also speak about why she doesn't work en plein air and why, as a landscape painter, she believes it's important to picture herself and others in the landscape more. The event is free and open to the public. 

Swans Island Company Collaboration!

Swans Island Company is thrilled to introduce Water Colors, the latest in our annual Special Edition throw series.

This unique handloomed throw is made of certified organic Merino wool resist-dyed with all natural plant dyes, and then overdyed with indigo to create variegated, painterly shades of blue and green on each skein of yarn. When woven on our vintage looms, the dye patterns capture the nuance of light and movement on the waterways that define Maine’s interior landscape.

This Special Edition is presented in collaboration with artist Jessica Lee Ives, who created an original work, The Colors of Water, inspired by this year’s throw. Her rich colors and playful brushstrokes mirror the ethereal blue and green hues of our Water Colors throw. Together, these unique pieces represent the fluid exchange between materials, processes, and traditions that define life on the Maine coast.

The wool is resist-dyed with natural weld and logwood dyes, and then overdyed with indigo to create variegated, painterly shades of blue and green on each skein of yarn. When woven on our looms, this color pattern recreates the movement and light of the freshwater that defines Maine’s interior landscape.
— Swans Island Company

The Color of Water, exclusive hand-signed limited edition archival quality 16" x 20" giclée print.

Order Print Here.

Water Colors 100% Organic Merino wool throw with silk trim, hand loomed 50″ x 70″ and made in Maine.

Order Throw Here.

Three Paintings in the "Portland Show" at Greenhut Galleries

I'm thrilled to participate in the 8th Biennial “Portland Show”, an invitational show of artists interpretation of the city of Portland at Greenhut Galleries. A reception will be held tomorrow, Saturday April 9th from 1-3pm. Visit or call 207 772 2693 for more information.

In addition to artwork, each artist was asked to write a statement about the subject matter they chose. With an exhibition opening so close to opening day, how could I not choose baseball? For me, any local stadium will always offer a unique glimpse into the heart of a city and its seasonal rhythms. Thanks for the inspiration, Sea Dogs!

I learned how to collect baseball cards in the first grade. My dad taught me. His dad, my Grandpa Pete, played for the Brooklyn Dodgers organization. I remember stories about the different cities he traveled to and played in — places with memorable restaurants, places where he and Grandma Lou went out dancing, places where team brawls happened — cities and places each with their own character. I have a newspaper clipping with a photo of Grandpa Pete, Jackie Robinson, and Pee Wee Reese at spring training.

Baseball is amazing in its capacity to connect people over time and distance. Generations pass down their love for the game and team rivalries keep tension in a connective web of place. The dimensions of a diamond may point to infinity, and sports writers may wax poetic about echoes of eternity, but on opening day we are all right here and right now. Pride of place causes the tree in right field to bloom at Hadlock Field just as much as the season. Heaven is at hand.
Double Play , 5" x 7"

Double Play, 5" x 7"

Full Stands, Full Count , 5" x 7"

Full Stands, Full Count, 5" x 7"

His Spring Training , 10" x 22"

His Spring Training, 10" x 22"

"Monhegan…the Muse" Exhibit Opens at Common Street Arts

Reception Thursday January 28th, 5 - 7pm

WATERVILLE- Visitors to Common Street Arts starting this week will be treated to fifty works of art from the Lupine Gallery collection on Monhegan Island.  "Monhegan ..the Muse" suggests the profound influence Monhegan has had for generations on a community of artists from all over the world. The exhibit will be open from now through February 27 from Wednesday – Friday, Noon – 5 PM and Saturday’s from 10 AM – 1 PM. The gallery is located at 16 Common Street in Waterville and can be reached by calling (207) 872-ARTS.

According to Waterville Creates! Programs Manager, KiKA Nigals, “The collection includes oils, watercolors, etchings, acrylics and other media from artists ranging from established artists like Lynne Drexler to artists who are known for other talents like Zero Mostel.  All artists have been profoundly influenced by this Maine island, which is apparent in their work.  It is an eclectic collection that is sure to please varied interests and anyone who has an interest in this legendary artist community.”

A reception is scheduled for January 28 from 5 – 7 PM at the gallery and will feature Tiger Saw with new songs from their recent album recorded on Monhegan.

Artists represented in this show include: Sylvia Alberts, Carol Aronson-Shore, Kevin Beers, Alice Boynton, Frank Bruckmann, Ralph Bush, Kate Cheney Chappell, Rick Daskam, Lynne Drexler, Ralf Feyl, Sears Gallagher, Susan Gilbert, Alison Hill, Emil Holzhauer, Jessica Lee Ives, Elena Jahn, David Kasman, Bruce Kornbluth, Frances Kornbluth, Glen Krause, Nicholas Luisi, William Manning, William McCartin, Kate McGloughlin, Leo Meissner, Dylan Metrano, Stan Moeller, Zero Mostel, Paul Niemiec, Daphne Pulsifer, Carol Raybin, Elmer Rising, Arline Simon, Mike Stiler, Don Stone, Caleb Stone and Michael E. Vermette.

Almost There,  10" x 22" oil on panel, 2015

Almost There, 10" x 22" oil on panel, 2015

Sale Begins Today at 10am EST!

Jonathan and I are moving to Bend, Oregon and I simply can’t take my paintings with me! It would be a pity to store them while we’re away and so I’m hosting an online sale to help find them good homes. All paintings will be half-off for one week only. Half-off?! That’s right. I’ve had a remarkable summer season and with a heart full of gratitude this sale is a personal act of thanksgiving, a way to connect the work with a broader audience, and a “Week of Color” to counteract the madness of Black Friday.

The sale will start at 10 a.m. EST on Tuesday, November 10th and will end at 9:59 a.m. EST on Tuesday November 17th. I’ll post a reminder on Monday the 9th, but mark your calendars just the same!

Bend, Oregon is a town known to recreational and professional athletes the world over, i.e. the type of folks I like to paint! While we’re there, we plan to study the human body and its capacity for movement at the Sage School with a focus on Clinical and Sports Massage. It’s no secret that Jonathan and I enjoy our active lifestyle, and that my painting has developed in direct correlation with the increased freedom I (and we) have experienced in our living, moving, and being. We’re ready to learn more about the human body, health, wellness, and movement. Yes, of course I will continue to paint! There will be new sources of inspiration to explore out west and there are already exciting events planned for 2016 here, back east. Stay tuned!

Q & A Over At

I've been the featured artist for the month of October on the blog. Many thanks to Siem van der Ven, my high school art teacher and a man who has cultivated the skill and enthusiasm of countless young artists!


Name: Jessica Ives

Year of HS graduation: 1999, when my last name was Stammen

Current Location: Damariscotta, Maine

What fills your days?

Learning. Whether I’m painting, swimming, stretching, reading, dancing, cutting a carrot, or driving in the car with my husband, I think it’s good to remember that it’s all learning, that I’m learning to see, and that I’m learning to see more more beautifully every day. I have a sneaking suspicion that how I see and why I see determines what I see. And by learning to see I mean cultivating a capacity that includes, but goes far beyond the visual. Yes, I believe this kind of learning can happen even, and especially, when cutting carrots.

Also, I keep these words by Baba Haridass pinned to my studio wall, as a reminder of the simple things worth filling a day with:

Work honestly,

meditate everyday,

meet people without fear

and play.

What’s most important to you about what you do?

That I love what I do is, to me, the most important thing about what I do. Any other reason I would or could give — as honest, as impressive, or as articulate as it could be — must be secondary to this. We live in a time and place where reason and wordy whys burden everything. Especially art. Love, beauty, enjoyment — as experiences, in and of themselves — are not so much valued. But I agree with Joseph Campbell who has said, “People say that what we are seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think this is what we’re really seeking. I think what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.”

What impossible dreams or goals do you keep reaching toward?

Tim Keller has said, “You should never go to God because he’s useful. Go to God because he’s beautiful. And yet there’s nothing more useful than finding God beautiful.” I love the paradox in this! I love the mystery and the adventure that it implies. I love that it turns me on my head and puts the world upside down. I think learning to see beauty, without a need for utility, is a goal worth living, and something that will take a lifetime.

Also, I’d like to read all the books I own. This, too, might take a lifetime. I need to stop buying books!

What do you need to keep going?

Beauty, lots of time spent outside playing, and a healthy capacity to say no.

Further comments?

I prefer to paint on the floor! I squat in front of my panels in the manner that most the world’s population sits and rests, butt to heels. Chairs sort of bum me out.

Into The Light , 20" x 30" oil on panel

Into The Light, 20" x 30" oil on panel

Working on the floor in the studio

Working on the floor in the studio

August 12th Opening At Courthouse Gallery Fine Art!

Join me at the opening reception for the August shows at Courthouse Gallery Fine Art in Ellsworth this Wednesday the 12th, from 5pm - 7pm. I'll have a collection of recent work on exhibit, including many of the new Acadia paintings you've seen glimpses of and studies for here on the blog and on The Maine.

Pictured to the right is the 5" x 7" Echo Lake Race, and below is Echo Lake Evening Swim, 4" x 4". 


Arts & Recreation: Pop Up Art Show At The Good Supply

I hope to see you at the opening of Arts & Recreation, this Saturday from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at The Good Supply in Pemaquid. It's my second annual pop-up show in this beautiful venue! I'll be joined again by Margaret Rizzio; and this year Grant Haynes will be with us as well. If you were at the opening of last year's show, you know this is a party not to be missed! Official press release below, and to the right a sneak peak at some new paintings I'll have on display.

Arts & Recreation: Jessica Ives, Margaret Rizzio, and Grant Haynes

Pemaquid, ME—An exhibition of new art work by Jessica Ives, Margaret Rizzio, and Grant Haynes will be on display for a two-week exhibit at The Good Supply in Pemaquid. The public is invited to join the artists at a reception from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 25, at The Good Supply’s post and beam storefront.

The title of the show: Arts and Recreation is a play on words meant to reflect the subject matter of Ives’s colorful oil paintings and the recycling process shared by Rizzio and Haynes to create their respective mixed media collages and acrylic on reclaimed material paintings.

Ives, a Damariscotta resident creates oil paintings inspired by outdoor adventures local and statewide. Arts & Recreation features a selection of her 4 x 4 inch “207 Paintings" appropriately named for the state's area code. Swimmers, paddlers, hikers, and other outdoor adventurers are captured in jewel-like moments. A selection of larger paintings will also be on view. Ives exhibits regularly with Gleason Fine Art in Boothbay Harbor and offers color theory classes through the Farsnworth Art Museum. In conjunction with this exhibit, Ives will host two color theory classes at The Good Supply on August 6 and August 9.

Born and raised in Blue Hill and now living in Camden, Rizzio received her MFA from SUNY Purchase and returned home to pursue a life of art. Her current work uses a wide range of mediums—vintage ephemera, found objects, repurposed frames—that embrace the passage of time and the beauty of physical objects in a screen obsessed era. Arts & Recreation will include various size assemblage pieces and a series of unique postcard collages. Rizzio exhibits at Turtle Gallery in Blue Hill and at The Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in Belfast.

Haynes studied fine art at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York in part because of the university’s access to the Adirondacks. Currently based in Belfast, his love of nature continues to fuel his endeavors both personal and professional. Painting in acrylic on reclaimed wood and metal, his style is dynamic and modernist. His work is concerned with re-creating structure on material that is fractured and cobbled together. He gives care to honor signs of reclaimed materials’ origins—identifying wear not as blemishes but as stories worth expressing.

Ives and Rizzio have collaborated on pop-up events and exhibitions before, and this will be their first time inviting Haynes into the fold. The Good Supply, an up-and-coming rustic boutique, housed in a recently restored 150-year old barn in Pemaquid, is known for its utilitarian work from Maine artisans. This pop-up event marks the store's second 2D art celebration.  

Arts & Recreation: Jessica Ives, Margaret Rizzio, and Grant Haynes will be on exhibit at The Good Supply from Thursday, July 23 - Sunday, August 9, with an opening reception on Saturday, July 25 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public. Art is available for purchase. 

Big Fresh , 30" x 40"

Big Fresh, 30" x 40"

Two By Land, One By Sea , 4" x 12"

Two By Land, One By Sea, 4" x 12"

Low Tide Cast Off , 6" x 6"

Low Tide Cast Off, 6" x 6"

Arrival , 5" x 7"

Arrival, 5" x 7"

Island Summer , 6" x 6"

Island Summer, 6" x 6"

Lookers , 10" x 10"

Lookers, 10" x 10"

Into The Cool , 5" x 7"

Into The Cool, 5" x 7"

Foresight , 4" x 4"

Foresight, 4" x 4"

Feature in Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Magazine!

I'm super psyched to be featured in the June/July issue of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine! In response I've received some wonderful emails, including one from Barb, a friend and follower of my work, who wrote, "It was such a great article and now I totally understand why you paint what you paint." Many thanks to my interviewer, Carl Little, who came up with the term "free verse" to describe the way I capture embodied experiences of the outdoors in paint. Read the interview online here or here.