Main Sunday Telegram Cover Feature!

I am so grateful to Bob Keyes of the Portland Press Herald for his story on my work and upcoming solo show at Courthouse Gallery Fine Art. It is always my great pleasure to be interviewed by Bob. For the second time now, his writing about my work has helped me to see elements in it that I had overlooked, connections that are there but that I needed a little nudge to consider.

You can read the article online here.

In these oil-on-panel paintings, Ives shows bodies in the water, swimming, jumping and playing. She paints from the perspective of the water’s surface, below the surface and looking down from above. These are masterful works because of her handling of bodies in motion and the fluidity of the water. We see bone structures and muscles that feel sculptural, water bubbles exploding from a swimmer’s plunge and the sun playing tricks on the rippling surface.
— Bob Keyes