Three Paintings in the "Portland Show" at Greenhut Galleries

I'm thrilled to participate in the 8th Biennial “Portland Show”, an invitational show of artists interpretation of the city of Portland at Greenhut Galleries. A reception will be held tomorrow, Saturday April 9th from 1-3pm. Visit or call 207 772 2693 for more information.

In addition to artwork, each artist was asked to write a statement about the subject matter they chose. With an exhibition opening so close to opening day, how could I not choose baseball? For me, any local stadium will always offer a unique glimpse into the heart of a city and its seasonal rhythms. Thanks for the inspiration, Sea Dogs!

I learned how to collect baseball cards in the first grade. My dad taught me. His dad, my Grandpa Pete, played for the Brooklyn Dodgers organization. I remember stories about the different cities he traveled to and played in — places with memorable restaurants, places where he and Grandma Lou went out dancing, places where team brawls happened — cities and places each with their own character. I have a newspaper clipping with a photo of Grandpa Pete, Jackie Robinson, and Pee Wee Reese at spring training.

Baseball is amazing in its capacity to connect people over time and distance. Generations pass down their love for the game and team rivalries keep tension in a connective web of place. The dimensions of a diamond may point to infinity, and sports writers may wax poetic about echoes of eternity, but on opening day we are all right here and right now. Pride of place causes the tree in right field to bloom at Hadlock Field just as much as the season. Heaven is at hand.
Double Play , 5" x 7"

Double Play, 5" x 7"

Full Stands, Full Count , 5" x 7"

Full Stands, Full Count, 5" x 7"

His Spring Training , 10" x 22"

His Spring Training, 10" x 22"